A writer’s desk #writingnook

A writer’s desk #writingnook

How do you imagine a writer’s desk? A huge mahogany table enlightened by a sunbeam coming from a bow window? A modern desk covered in notes from which the shape of a laptop surfaces? Or a piece of furniture, tidy and clean, with just a laptop, a notebook, a pen and some literary award?

However you imagine it, many people are convinced that having a space dedicated to writing can be a great help for a writer’s productivity. It doesn’t matter how it’s furnished, if it consists of an entire room or if it’s just a corner in your sitting room, a writing nook must be a sort of sanctuary, a place where the writer knows he has to glue his butt to the chair and write. No distractions allowed.

In principle I agree. A dedicated corner helps shutting the rest of the world out. In practice I find it difficult to follow this sound advice.

When Andrea and I went living on our own, I was decided about creating that sort of nook. I chose the space near the window in our spare room and placed a little desk there. I bought cork board with pins to organise notes, outlines and schedules. Eventually I put my laptop on the desk.


How many times do you think I actually used that nook for writing?

Once. Maybe twice.

The fact is that, not being a full time writer, I tend to write when I have time, where I am at that moment. “When I have time” is usually in the morning before going to work while I have breakfast, so the kitchen countertop becomes my writing nook.


“Where I am” is often at the cafe during my lunch break.


To tell you the truth then I don’t have a single place devoted to writing, but many places that act as reminders and tell me “hey, you have a few minutes! Why don’t you write something?”

What about you? How do you imagine a writer’s desk?


7 Replies to “A writer’s desk #writingnook”

  1. Your post was interesting, Irene. I struggle with my designated writing space because I no longer have an office. But all that aside, the most interesting thing to me in your post was that plate of food. Looks yummy!

  2. For years my writing nook was the sofa (which reclines) and holding my laptop. But I’ve had some pain in my legs that I believe is caused from the weight of the computer (although it’s light). I recently bought an inexpensive desk, a chair, and a lamp. I’ve used it some, but it’s so easy to go back to the sofa! 🙂

  3. Every once in a while, I’ll seek out a secluded spot or separate myself from my usual environment and that becomes my sacred space. But at this point in my life, I write wherever I am. And it almost always feels comfortable and natural.

  4. Hi Irene, I have a desk when my desktop is but I sometimes struggle to write there. The desk is in a spare room, so I have less distractions but it can often feel a little like I’m forcing myself to write there; especially so if I’ve been at work all day. I can write pretty much anywhere though. With my iPad I’ve been able to take advantage of this skill and I’ve just brought a laptop so I’m hoping to get more written when not at my desk.
    This is a very interesting post though, I think we all dream of having an office and an epic desk, but where we have day jobs and other elements to our lives we have to make time to write whenever we can.
    And I agree, the food looks good 🙂

  5. Ciao Irene! I have a desk, but I use it mainly for working, so when it is time for me to write, I never find inspiration there. So I usually write either in the living room or in my balcony or in the bedroom. Occasionally, I also write in a coffee shop or sitting on a bench looking at the sea. Isn’t it funny how many different places writers use to write?

    1. I think that one of the good things of writing is just that you can do it almost everywhere and you don’t need a particular equipment (or none at all if your memory is good enough).

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