Blog Action Day: Human Rights in Europe.

Blog Action Day: Human Rights in Europe.

This that you are going to read does not come from my pen (or my fingers). It’s a blog post written by a writer and a friend, who is a great writer and a great person: Cinta Garcia de la Rosa. I completely agree with what she says and I couldn’t have said it better, that’s why I report her words.

Cinta is Spanish and she talks about what she sees in her country, but I can assure you that here in Italy is basically the same.

Just to bring you an example… Last week I was in a nearby town for a job interview and I parked my car in a pay and display parking. When I came back, I went to the counter. I was used to see people begging for money there, but last week these people were pensioners. It was heartbreaking to see someone, who worked all his life, obliged to beg to eat. Is this not a violation of human rights?

Now I’ll leave you to Cinta’s words. After reading, please think.

Blog Action Day: Human Rights in Europe..

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