Choosing name for characters – Writing nightmare #1

Choosing name for characters – Writing nightmare #1

The more you love them the more difficult is to name them. Characters.

I don’t know about you, but for me finding names for my characters is a nightmare. If the story I’m writing is set in the real world it’s easier, because I can draw inspiration from people I know, from real names I read somewhere. However a main character’s name should be evocative, at least should be easy to remember and not ordinary, and mine are often boring and common.

When the story takes place in an alternative world it’s an horse of a different colour. Names must be created from scratch and I am awful at that. All that came to my mind in such circumstances are names that sounds like a plagiarism or worse seem random sequences of letters that don’t make any sense.

Whenever I have to decide for a name, the crisis begins.

Characters are a crucial part of my writing. I usually plan characters carefully, I know their stories and their background in advance. Actually I know more about them then what I really put on paper, but I can’t name them in a satisfactory way. If it were up to me I would name them all Jane Doe and John Doe, but I was told I can’t. The last expedient I came up with was using ordinary names written in reverse. Some are absurd and unutterable, others are quite good.

Fortunately my NaNoWriMo project won’t have a lot of characters and it will take place in real world so my problems are in check… for now. However I have to solve this issue sooner or later… sooner preferably!

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  1. Naming characters is a real chore. There are name resources online that help, but the most difficult is finding a name that fits the character. For the names to have meaning, an association with the character’s personality, is very important, IMO.

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