Glad to host guest post!

Glad to host guest post!

I have been thinking about this for a while and now I am decided. I would be happy to host guest posts written by other authors or bloggers.

I wasn’t sure about suggesting something like this, because my blog is rather new and I don’t have an established audience yet, so why would someone write something for my blog? But then I thought, why not? The worse thing that can happen could be that no one is interested. Nothing too bad after all!

What kind of posts I am going to host?

I would like to give my blog a certain shape and I would also like that this shape is maintained. I usually write about writing, books, reading, blogging, inspiration, life in general and science, so these are subjects that will be suitable for a guest post. I don’t want to leave out other subjects beforehand but I reserve my right to decide.

Will I promote other writers work?

Yes, I will. But I won’t promote something I don’t know. So be sure to contact me with a good notice, so that I can have time enough to read your book or short stories or whatever you write.

Do I want something in return?

No, I’ll do this because I’m sooo generous! He he… Joking aside, I don’t want anything back but a good post to publish on my blog. However, in the future, if you would like to host one of my blog posts I won’t say no!

I want this to be clear: this blog is mine, so the ultimate decision about whether or not to publish a guest post is mine too. Don’t take offence if I say no and don’t insist (that would be the perfect way to annoy me).

Here we are!

If you want a guest post to appear on my blog contact me at this e-mail address: . Tell me something about yourself (if we don’t know already) and about what you plan to write. Easy like that!

I can’t wait to see where this will lead my blog!


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