Groovy Cool Writing Techniques has been released today!

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques has been released today!

After weeks of silence, I pick up pen and paper (or better screen and keyboard) to tell you about a brand new book.

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques

If you are a writer you would love this book, if you aren’t you’ll want to become one..

I had the honor of being a beta-reader and I read an ARC copy of the final version and, you can’t believe me, it’s amazing. I read a lot about writing, mainly blog posts but also books, and what Cinta does in here is something unique and really helpful. The book is organised in short chapters with a technique each, which allow you to use it as a toolbox. Once you now the whole content, you can pick what you need at any time. Cinta is straight to the point, she doesn’t sugar the pill but make sure you have the necessary tools to overcome the fears at the foundations of writer’s block.

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques has just the perfect length: it captures the reader from the first page and it leaves you with energy enough to grab pen and paper and begin writing (believe me, by the end you will be eager to start).

Why should you read it? It works. And here is the proof: while reading this incredible book I came up with an idea that can expand the world of my work in progress novel in such a way that I can probably write about that world for a life time.

So, why are you still here reading my review? Go! Buy this groovy cool book and write!


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