Hallo dear readers! Can you help me, please?

Hallo dear readers! Can you help me, please?

Good morning (or good afternoon or good evening) dear readers!

Today I write in search for some help. Would you mind take a minute to read below? Thank you!

A few days ago I started and online course called Tribe Writers, created by Jeff Goins. I am still at the beginning but I already learnt some useful things and now, following the given advice, I am searching for constructive feedback.

So what’s the help I need? I would like you to honestly answer a few questions about my writing.

1. What do you like about my writing?

2. Is there something unique about my writing voice?

3. Is there something that I can do more of or less of?

4. How can I improve?

Don’t be afraid, I won’t take offence and I am prepared to read answers like “there’s nothing unique” or “I am completely bored by what you write”. I need honest answers to learn how to find and then improve my writing voice.

I’ll be most grateful for your opinions, both here in the comments or in a private message if you prefer.

Thank you again!

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