How to survive temporary jobs and learn from them

How to survive temporary jobs and learn from them

Odyssey in the job shpere - CoverWhen school or university ends, you start searching for a job. At first you search in your field, because you studied a lot and would like to make the most of your education. Some are are lucky enough to have their expectations fulfilled. However the time we live in is not an easy one and there are high chances that you have to cope with disillusion.

At some point, your perspective changes: it’s not a matter of finding the right job anymore, it’s just a matter of finding a job. Any one. That’s why you broaden your research and, hanging your head, start sending CVs to companies you snubbed at first. You also broaden the research area geographically and lower your expectations in terms of contract. Because you have to lower your expectations, right?


Hmm… maybe.

Or… you can broaden your horizons.

Ability to adapt is the key

Let me say this once and for all: there is nothing to feel ashamed of. Nowadays job marked is a bloody jungle and there are a lot (believe me, a huge lot) of people struggling to find a place and facing the same kicks in the eye. So don’t feel ashamed if you accept jobs in fields that are not exactly what you studied for. Let’s be honest and not too romantic: having a job is about personal realisation, for sure, but it’s also about getting an income that allows you to survive.

Moreover you don’t really know where a job can bring your life. Maybe you’ll start a new experience thinking you’ll hate every minute and then it turns out to be something you grow to like. Who can tell?

Doing something is always more commendable than stagnating in dreams 

In this never ending search of the right place, you are destined to get acquainted with temporary jobs. This means you will probably end up doing a lot of different somethings in a lot of different fields, some related to your competence and some far afield.

It’s time to broaden your horizons, which means you need to stay positive and develop a strategy to cope with temporary jobs. How? This is easy and difficult at the same time: you need to find positive aspects in every temporary job you get.

Don’t look at me with that face! There are positive aspects. The point is learning to see them.

 Consider each different job as an opportunity to learn something new

First of all you should consider each different job as an opportunity to learn something new, good or bad, about the job or about yourself.

Jump at the chance of learning skills. For instance, during the last temporary job I got I learnt how to do photocopies. Not such a big deal, that’s true, but it can come in handy. I wasn’t much at ease with photocopiers before, now I am an expert.

Make the most of each experience to understand what you are good and not good at. A desk job taught me I can’t do accounting. I can’t. As soon as someone starts talking about invoices, bank accounts, interest rates my brain goes blank. This is a good thing to know, because next time I will be prepared. Moreover now I know which subjects I need to bone up on.

Doing a variety of jobs will teach you to deal with many different people. This skill is important in big companies that includes many branches but even more so in small companies where a few people have to perform different tasks. The basic rule is always the same, treat everyone with respect, but you’ll see for yourself that the correct approach towards technicians is different from the one you need with customers, that is different from the one you use with vendors.

…I believe you can make this list grow, can’t you?

I’m sure most of you out there have or have had experiences with temporary job and if you are willing to share them, consider leaving a comment below.

In the meantime, for those who are still struggling, don’t give up! You’re doing great!


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