Turning 26 (happy birthday to me!)

Turning 26 (happy birthday to me!)

If you know me a little or you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you may know that today is my birthday (happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me!). Today I turn 26 and it feels strange.

Don’t misunderstand me, I love birthdays! I love to celebrate with my family and I am not one of those people who dislikes birthdays just because they don’t want to think about passing of time. However this birthday feels different. I am now in the second part of my twenties, nearer to 30 than to 20, and I always thought that I would have been more or less settled, with a job and… a sort of  path traced at my feet.

Well, it’s not like that.

It’s silly, but you know who my models were for the age 26? The characters of Friends, the tv series with Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox. Do you remember them? At the beginning, during the first and the second seasons of the series, they were more or less 26 and they lived in their own apartments, they had jobs, they seem adults. It may be because I was 12 when I first saw Friends, but they seemed more adult than how I feel now.

I don’t really know how it is in other countries, but here in Italy it took quite a long time to finish University. For me it took more ore less one year and the half more than what I thought at the beginning. Then you have to find a job and it’s madness, because University does nothing to help you (unless you accept to be a slave in a research laboratory), employment agencies and temp agencies are often filled with incompetent, rude and lazy staff and you are forced to go around, from company to company, delivering CVs with the hope that they don’t throw them away the moment you turn your head. Not quite the situation that makes you feel adult and confident

However I don’t want to complain (not too much). Now I am truly happy, because I gained a sort of mental balance, I have time to do a lot of things I love and I try to stay positive about the future.

So… do you want to make me even more happy? I would really appreciate your comments, they would be a great bithday present!

Thank you for reading and visiting my blog!

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