Writing Prompts

Writing Prompts

Once upon a time, ther was an Italian girl looking for her similar through the Internet. One day she came across this page on facebook: Writers Write. It seemed such a simple and yet true thing to state, that she immediately felt curious and started wandering in Writers Write’s world.

While wandering she discovered their main blog and their creative blog. There the girl found a page that ignited her immagination: Daily Writing Prompts. It was a wonderful place for a writer to be, so full of incentives and ideas, that the Italian girl thought to ask if she could borrow those daily prompts to write short pieces of fiction for her blog.

Guess what? They said yes! That’s why the Italian girl is going to choose a prompt each week and write a short piece of fiction that she will publish on this page.


And if you want to see the whole collection of Writing Prompts, don’t forget to visit Writers Write!

#1 – The funeral

#2 – Shooting star

#3 – Forbidden love

#4 – Muffle and Spiffy

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