You know you are a writer when…

You know you are a writer when…

You know you are a writer when…

… your brain never stops creating, even when you are sleeping, because you never leave your characters alone.

… you have something to write with (paper and pen, tablet, cellphone, laptop, tissues) everywhere you go.

… you feel a stab of pain in your stomach every time you see a grammar mistake.

… you feel terribly ashamed when you do a grammar mistake.

… you write because you have to and it doesn’t matter if someone reads what you write.

… you see stories everywhere.

… you feel compelled to imagine prequels, sequels and backstories for characters when you watch a movie.

… you fell in love with heroes, but you fell in love with villains too because you know that a good story needs a strong antagonist.

… you read everything you can because other writer’s minds fascinate you.

… you are never alone, because there’s always a magical world you can live in in your mind.

… sometimes you need to be alone because real world disturbs your inner world.

… you lose track of conversations because you are thinking about your character’s next move.

… you are scared of the blank page but that first complete draft scares you too.

… you feel that everything you write is never good enough.

When do you feel you are a writer?

4 Replies to “You know you are a writer when…”

  1. This is wonderful. Sometimes it’s hard for me to focus on anything else other than my WIP or a story idea. I find myself day dreaming at work and scribbling down ideas on any scrap of paper that I can throw in my pocket to work on later.

    1. It’s the same for me! My notes app on the phone is full of ideas I wrote in a hurry while I was waiting for the train, or I was in a queue.
      And sometimes I spend so much time in my fictional world that I have to remember to myself to live in the real one too! πŸ˜›

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