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Have you ever had a passion, something you couldn’t stop thinking about and kept slithering in your life? I have, and it’s writing.

My name is Irene Aprile, and I’m a writer. I have been writing since I was 8, and my best friend and I spent many afternoons writing a screenplay featuring dinosaurs. Since then I never really stopped flirting with the idea of being a published writer, but I wasn’t brave enough to do something serious about it. Until now.

One night, while I was working the night shift at my first temporary job, when I had almost given up my dream of being a writer, I thought… what the hell. I can be a writer, and I will be one.

So here I am, sharing this crazy journey.

What do I write?

I’m mostly a fiction writer. Stories have been my favourite pass time since I was a child. At first, I used to read them; then I started writing my own.

But I don’t always write fiction. I also write about how stories are born, about reading, about the challenges of writing. Oh, I love writing about my characters and how they make my life impossible. And I write about the life of a writer with a day job.

Here I’m going to share with you what I learn along the way, about writing, and the ways I find to work on my passion while dealing with everything else.

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Can’t wait to hear from you!

In the meantime…

…here is something you can start reading, just to get to know me a little more. Enjoy!

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