Choose to Keep Writing the Words You Love #GuestPost by Lorna Faith

Today I’m proud and happy to host a guest post by Lorna Faith, friend and writer who wants to help other writers finding their voices and their purpose. I don’t want to steal time and attention from her important message, so no more chatting! Happy reading!


Recently I’ve read a couple of blogs from people who were terminally ill. It was sad and inspiring at the same time. One blog post written by a 24 year old dying man, offered words of wisdom that helped me sort out my frustrations I have sometimes as I try to finish different writing projects.

I hope his words will help you too.

“Patience, passion, and dedication come easily only when you love what you do.”

Doing what you love will give you true enjoyment.

For writers this is important. To be able to love what we do, this is what will help us to make it long-term as a writer. I believe the passion is what will give you the best possibility of success.

Here’s the truth. If you are writing what you’re most passionate about, it’s easier to get up in the morning to do your work. You’ll still have days when you don’t feel like writing. That’s normal.  But overall, there will be so much excitement, you’ll feel like you’re bursting with energy.

Passion gives us purpose.

It gives us a reason to keep going when the rest of the world isn’t going right. Loving the words you write, helps you weather the ups and downs of writing. Things don’t always go up. Sometimes they go down. You won’t always have positive feedback.

As a writer, there will be dry spells. It’s normal. What passion does, however, is give you the patience and dedication to keep you going.

Fear will hold you back from greatness.

I’ve experienced a ton of fear as a writer. First it was writing my first novel, then my second. And honestly as I’m editing the second one, I’ve realized I’ve procrastinated because of fear of putting it out there.

When we take our focus off what we’re writing, we go off track from where we’re headed. Deep down, we know we have something we really want to write, something that will move us and enhance our lives as writers. This is our passion.

We all have different passions. There’s not a one-size-fits-all type of story we all should be writing. In fact you’re the only person who can tell your story. No one else can do it.

Without a doubt, there will be fear that will creep in. It can come from criticism, lack of reviews, lack of sales and our own doubts. We all have something we fear. This is normal.

My biggest fear has been whether my writing was good enough. I’ve endured hurtful words which stopped me from writing for a few days, but then I got up to write again. I can’t help the passion I have to tell stories to inspire and give hope to people.

I won’t promise that the fear ever goes away, but it does get easier to manage.

The man in the article above wrote: “Listen to your inner voice and go with it. Some people may call you crazy, but some may even think you’re a legend.”

Who knows what will happen if you go after your passion? You might not be a NY Times or USA bestselling author or win a bunch of awards, but you never know.  You might also develop some loyal readers who love what you’re doing. That would be amazing and is very likely.

So, decide your own course – what you love – and go with it.

Find a way to push past the fear of what others think, or your own ‘I’m not good enough’ thoughts. What helps me push past fear, is to write the story as if I’m telling it to one person. Sometimes listening to music helps drown out the negative voices too.

Find the trigger for you that will allow you to write the story you want to write. It will be a lot easier to pick your own course and do it.

If you want some help to write the words you love and publish your story for the world to read, I want to help you.

I know much of the doubt and insecurity you’re feeling. I’ve been there. And i would love to show you how you can unlock your authentic writing voice, write and publish your book in my upcoming Webinar. If you can’t make it to the Webinar, you could always add your name for FREE updates, and to be notified when the online course is ready.

The most important thing is that you keep following your passion. Choose to keep writing the words you love.

Whatever your dream is, you’ll be a lot better off going for it, than letting fear hold you back.

“Let your life be shaped by decisions you made, not by the ones you didn’t.”


 Lorna loves to write romance mixed with adventure and suspense. In between teaching music during the day and listening to other people’s stories on her podcast and blogging, she scribbles on her next fiction book. Help writers to step past resistance to get their stories into the world, is one of her big passions! She is inspired everyday to keep writing by her husband who loves all art forms, and her fun-loving and encouraging teenagers.

Connect with her through her website, her facebook page or twitter!

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    • lornafaith

      I’m so happy you were inspired today Michele 🙂 Love it when we can do what we truly love… it makes all the difference! Keep writing those beautiful words my friend!

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