Deception – The Transformed Series #1 by Stacy Claflin

It’s been so long since I posted a review of something I read, that you may think I stopped reading, and since I told you once not to trust a writer who doesn’t read it’s only fair that you start doubting. Don’t fear. I haven’t stop reading, only slowed my pace due to all of the other things that fill my days (I don’t remember what boredom is!).

Today I want to share with you my review of a novel I read some time ago: Deception by Stacy Clafliln.

Just to start, it has a beautiful cover. One of those covers that would stand out on a book store shelf and would attract my attention no matter what (this for those who still think that the cover is not important. Hah!).

Cattura di schermata (12)

Don’t you love it too? Doesn’t it makes you crave to have this book in your hands?

The worse thing that can happen with a cover like that is finding out that the content doesn’t match up with your expectations, but this is not the case! Deception, the first novel in the young adult paranormal fantasy Transformed Series, has just the right amounts of action, suspence, high school and romance.

Confession: when I realised that the creatures under false pretences where vampires I thought “Oh my God, not again”. But don’t fear, these vampires don’t sparkle, have much more interesting features and an important mission to accomplish.

If your curiosity has been raised by these few words stop reading this post and read the book!

If you want to know more, keep reading but beware: there may be a few (very few) spoilers.



Let’s go…

The main character is Alexis Ferguson, a girl who never was a beauty queen and always relied on her brain to reach her goals. She is dreaming about being a CSI and she is working hard to get there when her life changes completely. A blind date with a mysterious guy for the school ball triggers a series of events that will bring her to make astonishing discoveries. One above all: she is turning into a vampire.

It’s easy to relate to Alexis and the range of new problems her new nature is causing her, this makes the novel pleasurable to read and interesting. But being a vampire is not her biggest issue. What’s really going to cause her problems is a powerful family of vampire who’s hunting her. As if this wasn’t enough, feelings are going to get in the way.

Confession (another one): I’m not really into the story of the prince with the shining armor, so I’m really happy Alexis has some doubts about him after all. It’s going to be really interesting, that’s why I can’t wait to read more

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