How GDPR brought me back to my blog (news and updates!)

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If you are anything like me, you subscribed to hundreds of newsletters and list. Probably you don’t even remember why you opted in most of them. Anyway, in the past few days, a constant stream of emails hit in your inbox asking you to update your privacy settings and read new privacy policies.

In case you are among the few lucky ones who have been spared this frenzy, this is due to a new European law, which became effective on May the 25th, and it’s called GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Don’t ask me what it says or what it implies. I’m still trying to sort everything out. The point is this new law is causing a lot of hassles to bloggers and site owners, and it’s forcing us to dig deep into our online activity.

In particular, this forced me to get over my resistance and to tackle this blog again.

I’ve neglected it. Too much and for too long. This has to change because I’ve realised that connecting with other people is vital for my sanity. You, dear reader, help me maintain my focus, you keep me on track. My writing is pointless if it doesn’t get to you. So it’s time for me to work diligently to keep this blog alive and breathing (feel free to pester me if I don’t).


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Talking about my writing, you may start thinking I’m a fraud. I keep saying I’ve written a novel, but it’s nowhere to be seen. Well, I’m happy to say I’m not a fraud. You can ask my editor, Staci Troilo; she can testify I actually wrote a chick-lit novel from start to finish. And I also translated it into English.

So where is it?

At present it’s closed in a remote folder in my laptop, waiting for me to find the courage to do the last round of edits and then let it go into the world.

Secrets of a Handbag is for me both sweet nectar and bitter medicine. On one side I don’t want it to finish (because I worked on it for so long), on the other hand, I’d like to gulp down the remains and get rid of it for good (because I worked on it for soooo long).


Courtesy of Pixabay – Image by SplitShire

Secrets of a Handbag is a story about a very opinionated handbag, her confused owner Elisa, and a pragmatic chemist named Diego.

Elisa brings her whole life with her in her handbag, that’s why leaving it behind on the bus is no less than a drama. She tries to get it back, but at the lost and found there’s no trace of it.

Diego is not one prone to impulsiveness, but when he finds an abandoned bag on the bus, he can’t leave it there. After all, what can go wrong with returning a purse to its owner? But when Diego finally finds Elisa, things start getting out of their hands.

Elisa’s world and beliefs start falling apart. All the things she thought she knew about herself and her life are put in a different light, and she isn’t sure she likes it.

Diego is pretty sure of who he is, and his life seems to be set out on a monotonous and safe track, but when he meets Elisa, he feels the need to get to know her better. However, this means he needs to leave his comfortable shelter made of habits and routine.

In all of this, Elisa’s handbag is both a witness and a player in the game. If only she could talk…

If you are curious and want to know more, stay tuned because I’m going to share a lot of behind the scenes!

If you are here, reading my ramblings (by the way, thank you for putting up with me! You’re great), there’s a high chance you already subscribed to my list. But if you aren’t you can subscribe by clicking here, so that you can receive updates directly in your inbox. In the form, you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing the product of my efforts to comply with GDPR.

In exchange for your trust in giving me your e-mail, I’m going to send you my short stories and the first chapter of Secrets of a Handbag.

In subscribing to my list, you are giving me permission to reach out to you. This is an honour, and I’m not going to treat this permission lightly.

Ther are other ways to connect with me, even if e-mail is my favourite. Here is my super exclusive Facebook group. It’s a closed group, so you’ll have to request your admission, and I’ll add you as soon as possible. I’d love to see you there!

Enough rambling for one day. See you soon (I promise)!

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