I want to buy, read and review your book in 2020!

Even if Facebook is still the social network I use the most, Instagram is quickly becoming my go-to place for interacting with the huge and amazing writing community online.

At the end of 2019 I took part in a so-called loop, in which authors start following and supporting each other to grow their audience and expand their reach throughout the social. Thanks to this loop I had the chance to get in touch with a lot of new authors, especially independent and self-published authors.

If you ever come across the writing community on Instagram, one thing that will strike you is the supporting and helpful atmosphere. Since I want to be part of this community, I stole this idea from another writer (@sophiewriter) and launched a contest. I asked my fellow authors to share their book synopsis so I could choose 12 books for 2020, read one per month and review it on my blog.

Here are the books I choose:

January – Helix Genesis by Chris Lofts
February – 7 by TR Grovender
March – Enchanted Frangipanis by Nisha Harbola
April – Perfect Distraction by Allison Ashley
May – Mermaid’s Rock by Adrian JC Leachman
June – The Vines We Planted by Joannell Serra
July – Sandbags by Marinda Reichart
August – The Exit Strategy by Lainey Cameron
September – Hot Cocoa, Green Tea, and the Man Who Sweetened My Heart by Deanna Martinez Bey
October – The Black Orchids by Ish Goel
November – Specter of the Future by Francois Stazi
December – ?

As you can see, there’s still an available spot for December. If you want to participate, write the title, genre and a synopsis of your novel in the comments.

Happy 2020 and happy reading!

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