Interview with the Character #4 – The Purple Prince and Arthur Grimm

Hello readers! Welcome back at our weekly appointment with the Interview with the Character!

This time I’m hosting Arthur Grimm, a fairy tales author, who is also a husband, a father and a salesman. Today he interviews one of his main characters, the Purple Prince. But before you read the interview, why don’t you have a look at this beautiful video trailer of the book?


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 The Purple Prince from The Princess and Her Dress

The Princess and Her Dress cover
The Princess and Her Dress cover

The Princess and Her Dress is a fairy tale about how a princess loses her way in search for true happiness and is rescued by a Prince in a purple tunic. I recently had a chance to interview the Prince to learn a little more about him and get his unique perspective on the events that are recorded in my book, The Princess and Her Dress.

We met outside the castle in his courtyard as the Princess, wearing a beautiful white and blue dress, was singing with the castle servants in the background.
Arthur Grimm (AG): It’s amazing that, seemingly by chance, you came to the aid of finding the princess when you did! What brought you to the king’s castle?
Purple Prince (Pr): Perhaps it was chance, or something more, I don’t know. I had just turned 21 and wanted to see the far reaches of the world, and so with he permission of my father I was allowed to leave for a year’s time on horseback.
AG: In the account of finding the princess, you mentioned to the king that the tunic you wore had brought you good fortune in the past in a dark time. What dark time and good fortune are you referring to?
Pr: My father’s kingdom, which resides by the sea, had become overrun with pirates. They were in search of gold and treasure. It was with the tunic that I had good fortune in reasoning with the captain of their ship and persuaded him to leave us.
AG: That’s pretty incredible – did they get any of the treasure they were looking for?
Pr: Only what my father gave them to help them in their journeys. The last I heard, it was because of the kindness of my father that they took on a more honest profession and are now protecting ships and kingdoms from other pirates.
AG: That is fortunate! Well, back to this account of finding the princess, I don’t want to give away too much information, but can you tell me, when your tunic stopped working in the dark forest were you afraid?
Pr: Yes, quite afraid. But my mother always taught me to look for the good in every situation. By the time my tunic stopped working, I was not alone but I was with the princess, and she seemed like an intelligent young woman. I was confident that with both of us working together we would find a way back to the castle.
AG: And so you did! In a most unexpected way, I might add!
Pr: Yes, I never imagined that we would find what we did in the forest that eventually lead us back to my horse (which I had to leave behind because the thorns were so thick) and finally back to the castle.
AG: Do you still have the tunic?
Pr: Yes, both the Tunic and the Dress are on display in the castle. They serve to remind us and everyone who sees them of the lessons we learned. Every year we gather together to celebrate the finding of the princess. It’s at that time you can come and see them for yourself, if you wish.
AG: I should like that!
Pr: Consider yourself personally invited by myself and the princess.
AG: Have you ever thought to repair the Tunic and the Dress?
Pr: No. Their torn condition is part of what reminds us where we need to place our hope in dark times.
AG: And you can find out where by reading the account of The Princess and Her Dress! Thank you, Prince, for your time today!
Arthur Grimm
Arthur Grimm
Pr: It is an honor, and thank you for sharing our story. The princess is delighted to see her story and an account of what we both learned in those dark woods together made available to not only all of our kingdom but to kingdoms and realms beyond ours.
AG: It is a fascinating and inspiring story.
You can read more about the events that occurred in my book, The Princess and Her Dress at where it can be downloaded for your Kindle e-reader.


 Well now… don’t you want to find out more about this fascinating story? You can get a copy on Amazon!

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