Interview with the Character #6 – Nathan Wright and Peter Germany

Good morning readers and welcome to a new Interview with the Character!
This week I am hosting a science fiction and horror writer from the UK: Peter Germany. You can learn more about Peter and his writing projects at, the blog where he shares his journey to become a published author. Today he shares with us an interview with the main character of his WIP: Nathan Wright.
He’s just an everyday person who was called up to fight a war that two psychopathic dictators have started. He joined the war when he was only young and hasn’t really lived life yet. After all the war he’s seen, he just wants to go home to earth and settle down with his girlfriend. But he gets pulled into a conspiracy to not only assassinate the leader of Earth but to also assassinate the leader of Mars. He gets pulled in without much choice.

Nathan Wright and Peter Germany

Peter GermanyThe old rustic pub that he had chosen for the interview felt cosy and I could imagine sitting in here drinking many nights away with laughter and song. I could see why he had chosen this place.
He was like many soldiers, an unsung hero and only one of a handful who returned form that brutal war that savaged the landscape of Mars.
He  sat before me as I set up the camera and gathered my notes together. He sipped at a brandy as I got myself sorted. Despite his fifty-seven years of age he looked in good shape and still had a full head of grey hair.
“You set?” Nathan Wright said in a calm tone.
“Yes, lets start from the beginning shale we.” He nodded. “How did you feel about being called up to fight in the war?”
“It left me feeling numb. I was expecting it like everyone else I knew, but when it come it just made me feel numb.”
“We’ve all heard stories of what it was like in the war, and in particular the trenches where you were stationed, was it as bad as people say?” I saw the colour drain from his face a little before he spoke.
“Generally, yes. We had a few good times there though. That’s what you focus on, the few moments that make you smile when they pop into your head.” Nathan Wright’s easy smile lit his face.
“Was there someone you trusted over the other soldiers in the battlefields?”
“Not really, there were those who you hoped weren’t next to you or covering you when the bullets were flying but that’s war. You can rarely choose who has your back. Most of the platoon I was in were solid, those who weren’t didn’t last long out there.” This he said blankly.
“Are you still in touch with anyone else from your old platoon?”
“A couple, but not in person. I haven’t seen any of them since the platoon was disbanded back on earth. There’s not many of us left now.”
“That actually leads into my next question, How did you feel returning home and looking forward to starting your life again?”
“Nervous.” He said with that easy smile again. “My Dad had passed away a few years before I’d been sent off to Mars and my Mum had remarried so I was anxious about meeting my new step-dad.”
“How did that go?”
“At first it was a little weird but once we got to know each other I grew to like him as a person and I could see how happy he made my Mum.”
“How about your wife, how did it feel to see her?”
“We weren’t married then, but I knew I’d change that. It was something I’d thought about all the way back from Mars. When she opened her front door and I saw her, the world stopped spinning and let us savour that moment.”
“From when you were called up till the day you set foot back on Earth, was there something you wished you’d done differently?”
“I’ve asked myself that question  a lot over the years and I can’t say I would, not now anyway. They’re have been times when I’ve thought about maybe shooting myself in the foot so I wasn’t fit to fight. Or refusing to fight, but if I’d done anything like that I’d have been shot as a deserter and traitor and my family would loose everything as well.”
“How about on the battlefield?” His eyes dropped to his hands for a few seconds before meeting mine once more.
“No, what happened happened and thats it. I didn’t do anything that was a war crime then or now. I did what any of the millions of other soldiers did. Am I proud of taking life? No, was it right to take a life? No, but in battle its you or them, they may not have as much of a conscience as you do.”
“Thank you for talking with me Mr. Wright.”
“Thank you for putting my story on paper.”


I can’t wait for Peter to complete his work and release it because I really want to discover more about Nathan and his personal story. Don’t you?

If you liked this interview, stay tuned because next week I’m going to host another guest post! If you are a writer and want to share an Interview with your Character contact me at:

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