Interview with the Character #1 – Carolyn Woodsmall and Rachel E. Rittenhouse

Good morning readers! I am truly happy to see you here today because I am about to launch the first series of guest posts on my blog, that’s called…

*drum roll*

Interview with the Character!

Are you excited?

I am! And I can’t wait to begin. So I’ll stop talking and leave you to read the interview with Carolyn Woodsmall, the main character in Rachel E. Rittenhouse’s Diaries of the Woodsmall Sisters.

Rachel is an author I met through Tribe Writers. You can follow Rachel at and receive updates from a monthly newsletter. She also blogs at her main site: Rachel is also on Facebook and Goodreads and enjoys talking with readers!

Finding Faith: The Diaries of the Woodsmall Sisters ~ Book 1

Finding Faith by Rachel E Rittenhouse

Finding Faith is a diary of 13-year-old Carolyn Woodsmall. Carolyn and I have become close, almost like sisters, these past 4 years I have spent working on her story. I asked her some questions today so readers will have the opportunity to have some of their questions answers. Beware of spoilers!

Rachel: When did you first know you wanted to write?

Carolyn: I have always loved to write, in fact, my Momma used to say that I was the earliest of my siblings to learn how to write. When I was 13, Momma gave me a diary like she used to have. She told me that a diary could take me all the places I wanted to be. I could write anything I wanted to and not have to worry about who I wanted to please. I only had to write in it for a little while before I started actually working on my first book.

Rachel: You seem to be very close with your Mother? Can you tell me a little bit about your relationship?

Carolyn: My Momma is someone who I would consider to be my best friend! I am able to tell her anything, and I know that she will listen to me and afterward, give me helpful advice. I always look for times when I can spend time with her. I guess that’s why I enjoy cooking so much. Momma was always in the kitchen making some family recipes, and I would always help her. She would always contribute to our time together by telling me stories of her childhood.

Rachel: Do you have a close relationship with the rest of your family members as well?

Carolyn: I suppose you could say so. My Poppa and I also share a close bond. I guess, I haven’t spent as much time with him as Momma, but ever since the summer after my 13th birthday, we have grown much closer! My older brother Jesse and I are also very close and I feel that my relationship with my younger sisters is pretty much the same. Overall, I feel that my family is the most precious gift to me.

Rachel: You said you and your Poppa got closer the summer of 1854. What happened that summer to make that difference?

Carolyn: I can’t enclose too much without ruining the story for those who haven’t read it! But I will say that I was going through some really tough times in my walk with God. I was really questioning my faith and why God would allow certain things to happen. Poppa was always there, ready to comfort me and offer me help to find the answers I was looking for.

Rachel: And would you say that now, your faith has grown? What Scripture passage has helped you along that journey?

Carolyn: Oh yes, most assuredly! Sometimes, I still have questions and beg God for answers, and one way or another, He gives them to me. Sometimes it is just by reading my Bible or perhaps it is something my family says. But Ecclesiastes 3:1-6 really has been helping me. It basically says that there is a time for everything and every activity under Heaven. God truly knows what He is doing, and I just need to learn to trust Him and have faith.

Rachel: Well, Carolyn, it has been great to hear from you and get a little more perspective about your life and story. Is there anything in closing that you would like to share?

Carolyn: It has been great sharing! I enjoy sharing my story with enthusiastic readers! And I would love if you would all read my diary. Finding Faith is my story a whole year following my 13th birthday. Life on the prairie is definitely not easy! I mean, disasters seem to always find us—blizzards, sicknesses, drought. But then again, we Woodsmalls do have a pretty good time just with family and friends. What’s not to like?

Rachel: Very true! The most important things in life are family, friends, and faith!

I hope you enjoyed reading this first interview with the character as much as I did. Stay tuned because we will touch many different genres and topics. Next week I’m going to host an interview by the amazing author Staci Troilo.

If you are an author and want to share an interview with your charater, contact me at:

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  1. Joan

    Irene, I love the idea of an interview with a character. Rachel, I would love to read more about Carolyn! Congratulations on your book and I applaud you for stepping out to write at such a young age. Keep the stories coming!

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