Reading Challenge 2013: completed!

This year I had a lot of adventures.

I run for my life with Jason Bourne, I spent a lot of time with Darcy and Elizabeth at Pemberley, I saw the Vasser Empire falling and rising again, I investigated with detective Bobby Mac, I followed the Familiars in their adventures, I watched a little princess becoming Marie Antoinette, I spent some time in Pagford after Barry Fairbrother’s death, I helped Artemis Fowl in his last adventure, I learnt a lot about Lady Almina and Highclere Castle, I investigated with Judge Dee in ancient China, I left home to study at Hogwarts and support Harry in his fight against Voldemort, I spent some time with the Dashwood sisters, I wandered with Jackob Restless in a parallel world, I met the werewolves at summer camp, I became a Dauntless with Beatrice Prior, I pined over Captain Wentworth with Anne, I entered the arena with Katniss… and more.

So thank you, authors, for allowing me and other readers to live all these different lives in just a year.

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