Serious Writers Never Quit #bookreview

“Your calling is the strong urge you have toward a particular way of life. […] Do you feel that way about your writing? Do you have a strong urge to put words to paper? Do you feel well suited for the task? And more importantly, is there a particular message inside you that won’t let you go until you share it?”

Serious Writers Never Quit: They Find The Way by Bryan Hutchinson

While reading these words in Bryan Hutchinson’s latest book, I felt a voice answering to those questions in my head.

Do I feel that writing is my calling? Yes, of course.

Do I have a strong urge to put words to paper? God only knows how much. I spend most of my time thinking about writing.

Do I feel well suited for the task? Hem, no. Not at all. But I can strive to be better.

Is there a message that I feel I have to share? Definitely, there is a message.

But how do you go from knowing that writing is your calling to actually call yourself a writer, and from there to become a Serious Writer, one that never quits?

Bryan Hutchinson’s book can be the key to unlock the door holding back your writing self. This isn’t a writing manual, a how-to book explaining how to write your novel, or how to get it published. Serious Writers Never Quit is about the psychological mechanism that underlies the writing process.

More often than not, writers feel something holding them back. It can be fear of other’s judgement, or lack of confidence in their work, or fear of failure. In his book, Bryan Hutchinson addresses the mindset a writer must learn to master in order to create work that matters.

Expanding on one of his most successful blog posts, Why Your First Draft Isn’t Crap, Bryan Hutchinson takes the reader on a journey of discovery through the tricks our inner (and outer) critic constantly plays on us, holding us back from what we love the most.

If you are struggling to write down the very first draft of your very first book, this book is for you. If you have been writing for years, but you’re feeling like you’re going nowhere, this book is for you.

It can bring you mindblowing revelations, or simply a much-needed reminder of you what you already used to know but somehow forgot along the road.

Grab your copy of the book, then get your butt in the chair and write.

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