Short stories and other pieces of writing

In this page you can find my short stories and other writing, why don’t you have a look?

Since I am Italian and I write both in Italian and in English, I will publish both versions (when available). I would really appreciate any comment, positive or negative, as long as politely written.

Now… a little summary of what you’re going to find in this page. I’ll update this list every time I’ll add something new. Clik on the title in English to read the English version or on the title in italian to read the Italian version.

1. The envelope (La Busta): it’s one of my first short stories and was written for a contest about smoke.

2. The perfect present (A Jane Austen Christmas): I wrote this story for a contest in a Goodreads group about Jane Austen. It was really fun to spend some time with favourite characters!

3. The price of a desire (Il prezzo di un desiderio): as the first one, I wrote this short story for a contest about desire.

4. Hushing the beast (Zittire la bestia): this is a short piece I wrote for an assignment of the course Tribe Writers. I plan to turn it in a proper story.

I hope you’ll enjoy your reading!

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