Time to check NaNoWriMo supplies

Ten days. Ten days and NaNoWriMo will start! Are you ready?

I am! Indeed I can’t wait to begin. My fingers are impatient and I struggle to keep them otherwise occupied because I want to do this properly and begin writing only on November the 1th.

In order to keep my fingers and my mind focused on other tasks, I’m going to use these last days of October to write other stuff, such as nonsensical blog posts, and to translate another short story I have in my drawer.

However, since NaNoWriMo is primarily on my mind these days, I just seize the day to check my supplies for the month to come. Here they are!

First of all: my laptop. I can’t live too long without it. Even if it’s a bit old, it is a faithfull and tough companion and we know each other very well. I am always afraid that something might happen to my dear laptop. If it breaks I’ll be lost for two main reasons: everything I write is saved on this laptop (even if I frequently backup my files) and at present I don’t have money enough to buy a new one. So please, hold up!

Then, my Kindle or other printed books. I can’t stay long without writing, but either I can’t stay long without reading and I know I’ll need some breaks during my writing sessions. Reading words written by others can be refreshing and inspiring, so I’ll keep my Kindle at hand for writer’s block moments.

Finally comfort food, drink and more. I usually drink coffee and eat chocolate bisquits only in the morning, but I suspect I will need them during the whole day. However I keep tea ready, because it will come the moment when my stomach will cry his disappointment at being ill-used with coffee only.

I know, I know… I shouldn’t smoke. You know what? Lately I managed to reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke in a day to two or three. But I know what happens when I am under pressure: I either eat or smoke. And I don’t eat raw carrots or celery, I stuff myself with Nutella (is it internationally known?). I know, this is a poor excuse, but at present I can’t do better.

So… let’s stop talking about my physical and psychological dependences… What about your NaNoWriMo supplies? What do you store in your fridge and on your desk for this adventure?

Thank you for reading and think about leaving a comment!

10 Replies to “Time to check NaNoWriMo supplies”

  1. Cinta García

    I also have my Kindle handy for when I can’t write any longer. And even when I can. I try to write for 2 hours, rest for half an hour, then write for another 2 hours. I have found that doing that my mind gets less messy and ideas flow effortlessly. As for the snacking part, I like eating assorted nuts and rice biscuits (less fatty and healthier than normal biscuits). My drink is tea, hands down. I don’t smoke… and neither you should! *shakes finger*

  2. Peter Germany

    Um, I’ve got my laptop ready and that’s it. As I only really get two, maybe three hours an evening to write I, recently, have only been having a glass of water and maybe a little music or a football match in the back round.
    I am now thinking of getting some biscuits though 😀

  3. Ewa

    I have my main computer ready, but still got to get Scrivner installed on my laptop. I’m sure it will come in handy on those days where I don’t want to sit in the office. I need to keep my Kindle on my bedside table, otherwise it turns into a time-thief. I’ll read it in the evenings, I plan to just do something around the house when I need a break in the middle of the day.

    Other than that I am stocked up on few types of tea (no coffee here!), and my thoughtful husband got a box of Ferrero Rocher (I will get one every day I hit my word count and/or fail so miserably I need the comfort).

    And then music.. yes.. my spotify playlist is ready. Headphones and speakers are too. As always. ;]

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