Turning 27… tomorrow (a quick rant)

There are many things I like about my birthday.

First of all… hey, it’s my birthday! So there will be a special dinner and pastries (that I’m going to eat without feeling guilty) and presents (but I’m not a material girl, not so much… ok maybe just a little).

Second, it’s Autumn, the season I love the most, and it’s exactly one month before the season of Christmas presents starts (’cause for me it starts with Saint Catherine fair in Novi Ligure). I know it’s early. There’s Halloween and, for those of you who live in the US, Thanksgiving too but… the truth is… I don’t like Halloween.

I’ve said that.

Hate me if you want, but I have reasons if you care to read (if not feel free to skip to the next paragraph):

  1. It’s not something we used to celebrate in Italy. We have Carnival, in February. Halloween, for me,  is just something that has been imported by companies who wanted to speculate on costumes and candies.
  2. I hate jokes. All kind of jokes. I know that I am exposing myself too much, but that’s it. I find that jokes are a lack of respect towards other people.
  3. I love costumes but I stopped dressing up when my grandmother died. She was a very good seamstress and she used to tailor my costumes; I never bought a costume when I was a child and I don’t feel like doing it now.

Going back to my birthday… twenty-seven is not particularly meaningful age. From the arithmetical point of view, I am in the middle between twenty-five and thirty and, even if I thirty seems nearer, I still feel like a teenager. I used to feel thirty when I was fifteen, now that I am almost thirty I feel eighteen so… at fifty I’ll feel like ten!

Not so bad after all!


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