Unexpected events and isolation

Thanks to some careful planning, I kept publishing one post per week up to this point. Now, however, I don’t have other posts ready and I fear my on-line presence will be erratic for a while.


As you may remember, some time ago I announced I was pregnant. My baby was due in the second half of March. However, he decided ha was in a hurry to meet us.

So here we go for the unexpected event…

Alberto was born on February 24th, three weeks before expected! I’m officially a Mom!

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I know, I know… it was more than a month ago and I’m telling you only now. I’m sorry, but I was pretty busy (can you imagine that! XD) and this is the first time I open my blog since then.

Believe it or not, I have little time for something that isn’t taking care of my baby. And this despite all the help I have from my family. This little creature is quite demanding!

At present the situation here in Italy is surreal, at best. Certainly you have heard of the Covid-19 emergency on the news. Where I live there are several cases, but we are all well in my family (for now… I pray that it remains this way).

Since we live isolated in our houses as much as possible, you may think it’s the ideal situation for writing and reading. The truth is, I didn’t write or read a lot in the past month, but I did a lot of important things, such as cradling my baby, feeding my baby, changing diapers, trying to decipher different kinds of crying…

I’m slowly trying to go back to some writing here and there, but the process is proving trickier than expected. So I hope you’ll be patient and wait for me to get back on track.

I’ll be back soooooooooon!

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